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Something wrong with Black Sea (I think battlefront might have been hacked?)

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I'm not sure whether this is a problem with the game or not, I've only got a couple of uniform mods installed, but whenever I get 5 minutes into a game this happens to the all the game screens ( I just happened to choose the ceasefire screen but loading becomes this wierd highlighting bazooka)  and all the weapon sounds in the game just stop working (I'm not running any sound mod) and I can't access anything at all and have to leave the game.  This is after I bought both the base game only yesterday and the Battle Pack and that same day my credit card got hacked so its either a coincidence or someone is getting credit card info from battlefronts website (I haven't saved my credit card info to the site at all and all the downloads worked fine).  I hope its just me being paranoid but thought id post this just incase there really was an issue

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Sounds like you have an install or mod problem. As for sound issues there are some known sound driver issues.

Your best course of action is to contact BFC support. They can help you work through the sound and graphics problems.

You can start by moving the mods you do have and see if that fixes the button icons etc 

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When text and art starts to get jumbled that usually means there either too much or too little of 'something' in your data folder. Most often you could be a missing or have a corrupt BRZ file. Your game seems to have randomly substituted the UI buttons for hit decals, which is very random indeed.

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So the game freezes up at the 5 minute mark ? So more than just the sound stopping, the game stops responding (mouse doesn't work, camera doesn't move, keyboard shortcuts aren't responded to) ?

You will need to provide more details about your hardware. Are you using a Mac or a PC ? What MacOS or Windows version are you running ? What video card and driver version do you have installed ? Is this a laptop or a desktop ? What audio card/chip do you have and what drivers are installed ? Do you have any audio utilities installed and possibly running in the background ? What programs and utilities are running in the background ? Closing and exiting programs and utilities that are running in the background may help. Some audio utilities are known to cause problems with the copy-protection system or other issues that interfere with the game.

As for the .brz data files I have the following with a Black Sea version 2.10 (Game Engine 4.0) installation on Windows:

black sea v100a.brz     1,950,490,315 bytes

black sea v100b.brz     1,869,933,913 bytes

black sea v100c.brz     1,371,883,671 bytes

black sea v101.brz      11,000,601 bytes

black sea v103.brz      197,367,878 bytes

black sea v104.brz      162,404,613 bytes

black sea v200.brz      33,024,158 bytes

black sea v210.brz      20,457,314 bytes

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