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Look first - Im not plugging another game.  Seriously everyone here knows about dcs, some like it some dont. not same category as CM, and many who work for BFC are heavily involved in DCS.  Just a disclaimer - I feel this is harmless.

Ive been VERY impressed with DCS continual staying but customers, upgrades, and their new modules are jaw dropping. Financially I cant keep up and its a shame; especially now that the F14 (!!!) module is coming out. if you youtube DCS f14 module.. if you lived in the 80s you'll understand.

Plus I was never interested in a Mig19P. But I watch the videos and I want it. Who else has ever made a Mig19 anyways?!

plus interet works now! but yea f14 is pimp my sister ( dont have one status) as will F4, A6 and Mi24 when they come out.

any fans I dont know of?

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I follow the 1–2 hour mission streams of the Grim Reapers on YouTube just to marvel at the detail and gameplay in the game simulation.   Seems a part time job just to read the manuals and finding the time to gain experience to get up to speed to participate - so i just spectate at their antics. 

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Its daunting at first but this is the thing

The free planes the game comes with are great introdcutory planes

almost all have the same great flight model

but the flaming cliffs games dont have wevery button clickable. this makes them simpler though many are still quite complex. if you take the plunge I recommend buying either the full flaming cliffs getting 6 or 7 planes ( su25a, a10a, f15c, su27, su33, mig 29 variants, jf11) or you can buy them 5 to 10 apiece. they can be complex but learning to fly them is rdiciously easy. a button starts electtronics and 2 diff buttons startengines. the rest is practice.

the more advanced planes are still very rewarding tolearn, they can be daunting but its weoth it, those are the ones u literally can mess with every buton like the mig 21. even then earlier planes are still simple - the p51 full realism is still very easy to fly. the F5 is still fairly easy to fly, amd you cam 'cheat' and have the game auto start your plane.

the Sabres easy to fly and a joy.  The huey too  forget the manual you just need to learn how to fly it and hover  it. itll seem ridiclously harrd then 2 weeks later u dont give it thought. i dont even use rudder pedals.

yes some planes are harder to learn. the gaxelle I never mastered .i regret gettign the ka50

the A6, F4, and Mi24 are consider commiting crimes releases for me

The f14 is already dangerously close or already is to me

my god. rio cockpit. rio modelled all of it. just look at the vids. is just. amazing.

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