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While getting to know Audacity for a work project, I came up with a little mod that changes the tunes played in various menu screens.

Download (05 March 2019): https://drive.google.com/open?id=13pFdXHEKg_zBvVjd_Pmc8Mmvb26QtBkP

All three music files have been downloaded from Youtube using SaveClipBro online converter then Audacity for the actual conversion to CMx2's required format (PCM 16 bits, 44100 Khz, Stereo for music files, mono for any other sound effect).

It would work with the whole CMx2 series.

- Main menu music (music intro file) from the "War Sound Effects" video by Cho "Choosemeiwin", trimmed.


- Battle loading music (music splash file) come from the "Epic Taiko Drum Music" video by Sascha.


- AAR music (music end of battle file) is a conversion of "The Last Post by Mark Knopfler" video by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.



As usual, decompress the archive and drop the files in your Z or Mods folder.


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+1  Yes. very nice.  I especially like the first one, War Sound Effects.  I think I may try it in CMBS also. 

EDIT:  I changed the War Sound Effects to a Music Splash file and tagged it to play while the scenario TOC is loading.  Cool.  

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