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The Official Map Conversion Thread

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In this thread please share your map converting (from title to title) experiences.

To start, I will show how to convert Stumont from CMFB to CMBS.

For this map, open in Hexed.it (A website). Change this value to 0A for CMBS. (There are specific values for each game).


When you open this map in CMBS, it will crash when loading. This is due to a certain few buildings. Swap these buildings for modular buildings in CMBS.


Congrats now you have Stumont in CMBS!

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Just a lot of trial and error, shaping and reshaping maps to find these pesky troublemakers! Some maps work great out of the box (Twin Villages) but the best maps (Of course) do not. :(

I learned this when going over Nijmegen. Looking back I probably didn't have to replace everything.

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1 hour ago, Zveroboy1 said:

What are all the codes for the different games?

And would flavour object crash it too?

Unsure on flavor, 

(CM:SF = 00, CM:A = 02, CM:BN = 04, CM:FI = 06, CM:RT = 08, CM:BS = 0A, CM:FB = 0C).

Courtesy of @Kaunitz from this thread:


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Have you tried sbobovyc's Mutator  Artkin? It doesn't require any Hex edition, only to use a Terminal of some sort.

I've used it to convert BS and SF2 maps to all WW2 titles, simply by following DesertFox's instructions :



In Win 10 basically right-click on start and choose command (admin).

Step 1: Copy the scenario you want to convert into a folder of your choice. For simplicity sake let´s use C:\test. Also copy the mutator.exe there.

Step 2: Now start windows command prompt

Step 3: Within the command prompt navigate to C:\test

Step 4: convert your scenario to CMBS. Lets say it was called ABC.btt and originally created for CMRT.

Step 5: Type the following in the command prompt: "mutator.exe - t CMBS ABC.btt"

then press ENTER and your CMRT scen will be converted to a file named ABC_CMBS.btt

Step 6: Copy the converted file to your CMBS scen folder


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I have tried this but ran into the same issue as the hex editor (iirc). Which is the independent buildings sneaking their way in after conversion. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

The hex editor is insanely fast. Upload file (It refers to the same directory every time so its fast), change value, export file to downloads. Then move into QB folder. 

I couldnt get sbob's tool to work last time I tried it. It ran once through windows powershell (A bloody miracle I figured it out). Though, a bunch of maps didnt survive and needed to be manually edited. 

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