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Very highly recommended 1st Day of the Somme Book


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Of course. I dont even own it but I literally stood there almost gaping for 2 hours before my feet hurting made me realize... Id been in the store standing still for 2 hours looking at these gigantic hand drawn fold out illustrations (panoramic) of combat on the Somme day. Full detail and gore.  It literally is so beautifully drawn it made me excited like a child when I used to see really cool battle pictures or drawings.  These are painstakingly drawn based on photos, maps, and AARs. My god..  It killed me to walk out of that store without that book.

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Be sure to watch World War I From Above over on my Omnibus Post. Has some great material on the battle. Shall have to look at the book. Might I suggest John Keegan's The Face of Battle as a great read? A substantial part of the book is specifically devoted to what the Somme was like for the British troops, in all the phases, and the descriptions are harrowing. Keegan came up with a juicy and salient bit of grog chrome regarding the fearsome barrage and the intended barbed wire destruction, too, and the discovery is highly significant in understanding what happened and why. The book you recommended seems like a wonderful read and great resource. Thanks!


John Kettler

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