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Looking for hi res subdued British flag


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I'm working on a British uniform mod with patches. I've found several images of subdued British flag patches used on combat uniforms but when I resize them to fit on the uniform bmp they all turn out to be inadequate resolution. I am setting the pixels per inch to as high as possible before resizing but it doesn't seem to help.



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Pixels per inch??? That has no meaning unless you're printing and even then it's questionable.

Surely the size needed in the game is pretty small. A 100 pixels max. Am I wrong? 

How big is the needed flag? Can you point to an example of a picture you are trying to use?

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Ian, I was getting images from here, but I am going to try Ivan's method. I didn't know one could size up the original Battlefront image and still use it. I've taught myself entirely by trial and error.

Thanks to you both




PS, I meant to put this in the mods folder and slipped up, sorry.

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What do you mean by inadequate resolution? Too pixelated?

If you are using photoshop, just load the image, then copy and paste it on your document. Then resize it with control T. If you hold down the shift key while resizing it, it will keep the same proportions or you can click on the dialogue box at the top of the screen and enter a value there. The only way you can mess up is if you shrink it then enlarge it several times, you will lose details unless you turn it into a smart object first.

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I'd imagine a patch applied to the arm of a uniform texture would need to be very small indeed. No matter what the original resolution, the patch would have to fit into an area perhaps 50x25 pixel or smaller (if your uniform art is standard 1024x1024 dimensions). It might work better to located the smallest decent pict of a subdued union jack patch you can find. Then when you scale it to fit the shoulder it doesn't have to scale down too far.

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