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Good morning,

I am sure some of you have visited the Wargame Vault website but for those of you that haven't, you should. This site has a lot of material that would be very useful for all of the Combat Mission titles, including many TO&Es and scenarios for all time periods covered by the Combat Mission series. Here is the link.


I hope all of you have a great weekend.

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I thought I knew nearly all the bdgame companies and their products. Surprised to see so many more I never head of.  Even more surprising that this tiny niche within a niche can support all these companies.  Maybe if we wait long enough, fashions will change and playing wargames will become as popular as social media?

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46 minutes ago, Erwin said:

[snip] Maybe if we wait long enough, fashions will change and playing wargames will become as popular as social media?

LOL, that would necessitate transforming the general population from instant gratification, click-kicks, easy digestion of information to enjoying complexity and going in for a long haul investment of time and brain power to one thing. I would be pleasantly surprised if I see that in my life-time. And I'm only about half way done (I hope...).

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1)  100 is the new 80 - my mother will be 100 in Feb and just had massive hospital check-up - nothing wrong with her(!)   My theory re longevity is that we need to psychologically prepare expectations of living to 150 (or forever).  And by then we may see early war CM2 (or CM3 even). 

2)  Am seeing more articles (in WSJ etc) about how many are trying to disconnect from social media as they realize what a time-waster it is. Apparently, re productivity growth what is starting to be recognized is that people are trying to catch up on work at night or weekends(!) cos they waste so much time at work socializing.  What that implies is that productivity could rapidly decline if people are basically addicted to social media and eventually can't keep up with their work even in their spare time.  I expect the new fashion will be people who dump their smart phones, value privacy and personal contact, don't text, and revert to actually talking to other folks.  And then I will be the epitome of fashion.  :)


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