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Now on CMMODSIII : http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8032

Just launched CMSF2 and it felt uneasy, something was missing you know... then I realized there was some text describing me what my guys were doing, text!
So yeah, just had to do it. This mod should be an option in game.

Thank you @Marco Bergman, thank you @Vinnart you both are legends.

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All praise to Vin for he is a wonderful saviour.  This is probably the most used/useful mod in all CM2 games.  I thought Vin had disappeared into that great darkness that eventually swallows all the famed modders.  So, very happy he crawled out of his cave to give us this blessing.

(And sorry that I often get Vin confused with Vein - another great modder who is where?)

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Thanks CMFDR for administrating the mod for me. I made myself one for the demo but decided I didn't want to open another can of worms and release. No time or ambition to deal with the eventual updating .Please don't forget to include the light version which replaces the eye icon for spotting. I know many including myself prefer that version as the word "spotting" acts like a filter for the more important icons to pop out. Spotting is just regular non activity in my view. Marco did such a nice job though making the eye graphic for me which he preferred so we figured why not give the choice Heavy or Light. Mods are supposed to give options right? Oh, and for all you grogs out there that don't observe instructions - When your text gets all screwy when the the mod needs an update all bitching and moaning for an update should be directed to CMFDR as well for the fix 😀

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I think I will get motivated enough soon though to release my floating icons mod for CMSF2.  At least that one doesn't require constant maintenance and part of the fun is the actual creative process of seeing what I can make and how it looks. Here is a preview of the HQ icons for the countries. Some have variations you can choose as you can see.



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