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CM New MG34/MG42 LMG animations


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I was honestly a bit annoyed by CM's rendition of the Germans firing their LMG's with one hand on the barrel, so I saw that US soldiers in the modern games seemed to hold the M240 closer to what a German GPMG should be.

So I swapped some files and voilà:




Here's the download link:


Install it by unzipping it into the Z folder inside your data folder. Create it if you don't have one.

It should work for all CM2 games.

Let the spirit of the MACHINE GUN be with you.


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It is much better like that but there are 2 small disadvantages:
The shooter's head is higher, does it expose him more?
From a certain angle, not systematically, the shot is shifted from the mouth of the weapon





the shift


despite everything, I keep the mods

merci frenchy56 (56 c'est le Morbihan?)

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On 2/1/2019 at 9:42 PM, Erwin said:

Someone will be sure to correct me if I am wrong.  But, in most cases the graphic has no effect on how the game engine "sees" the pixeltrooper.  Usually it's only eye candy.  Wonder why the mod causes the tracers to emerge at the wrong place??

For what I know, the posture does affect the game. That's why RockinHarry has changed the medic animations from kneeling to prone and I have also changed reload animations from standing to kneeling and from kneeling to prone.

This is pretty much the same thing I did for the AKs in CM: Afghanistan. You can have a lot of fun with animations.

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Hi Falaise, I have not uploaded them because they are Battlefont's animations.

But you can do the change yourself, just copy the kneel and prone animation and rename it stand and kneel respectively, so when the game looks for the standing animation it will get the kneeling one instead.

For example take: ussoldierm4-reload-a-kneel and change it into ussoldierm4-reload-a-stand

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8 hours ago, Bulletpoint said:

I like the improved hand detail, but 

Shouldn't he be sighting along the barrel to aim?

Yeah, but since they're M240 animations in the first place and the M240s in the modern games have optics attached, he isn't. Sadly nothing much I can do.


20 hours ago, Badger73 said:

Please consider uploading this to CMMODSIII --> http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/

I'm still waiting for an account. Maybe CMFDR can upload it? I won't really mind since they're pretty much renamed animations that were in the game's files in the first place.

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