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Anyone out in the cold alot for work or otherwise?

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I recently got by far the best face/ski mask Ive ever gotten. Its 12.95 with a lifetime warranty.  I own a Duluth Trading Company mask tbats 4x as much and the mesh continually freezes with condensation etc.  This thing not only makes you look like sub zero from Mortal Kombat or Bane from Batman (thoufh much lower key its just flat bendy rubber) but its not cosmetic - its the warmest I ever have had a mask around my mouth and nose, be easy to breathe, and not show condensation from breathing or capture liquid.

I have nothing to do with the company and I dont get incentives... Im not going ti post direct links. Im really not trying to insult yoy guys at BFC - but its really cold out there and as someone whoze been working outside in Boston daily this winter this week has been a lifesaver with this mask.  PM me if anyone needs help?

If this violates rules PM me with hiw I can do this acceptably or if it has to go I mean no harm

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