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US Army Multicam Division Pack

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This is a camo retexture that will change the appearance of US Army infantry to wear Multicam OCP. There are 5 divisions included in this pack. They are, the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division, the 1st Cavalry Division, the 2nd Infantry Division, the 4th Infantry Division, and the 25th Infantry Division.

All gear items such as holsters, mag pouches, backpacks, etc are in OCP as well. For the AR-670-1 enthusiasts out there, the boots have also been changed to be in regs with OCP.

All heavy units come with uniforms that replace the tanker uniforms to be OCP as well, but there are no divisional insignia on them.

To use, simply place the named folder (for example “Multicam 1st Cavalry Division”) into your Z folder.

You cannot use more than one division at a time, and the uniform files have not been mod tagged.


@Splinty and @sburke I know both of you were asking for some of the divisions included in this pack. Here ya go!

Hope everyone else enjoys. As always, remember that I am in no way a skilled modder. I'm very much an amateur when it comes to all of this. Any mistakes or errors are my own. 

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No particular reason for the 5 divisions. All of them were specifically requested by various people, both here on the forums and otherwise. Most of them should fit pretty nicely into the scenario depicted in Shock Force. There is a campaign that follows a unit from the 101st, I believe Task Force Thunder is made up of elements from the 25th ID, and 1st Cavalry would most certainly be used in the Syrian scenario in SF. 

I forgot to include 1st Armored Division, which was requested as well. I'll try to get around to doing that soon, unless someone beats me to it!

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Being as I'm a greedy old guy, I have one last request for you CPT. Is it possible to have a mixture of your various unit patches on the OTHER sleeve. In the US Army that means a soldier has been deployed in a war zone. Being as the Army has many combat vets serving, this along with a few blank sleeves would add more immersion and visual realism to your excellent mods.

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Just now, Sequoia said:

Re. the combat patches, of course another issue would be there'd be no way to prevent privates having them while the squad leader does not if you have more than one uniform choice since the engine would assign them randomly.

That's not really going to be an issue, as during the game's time frame most of the active military and many Guard and Reserve units would have had tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although, granted there wouldn't be many Staff Sergeants without combat experience, there WOULD be a lot of Privates and Specialists who did have it.

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With Captain Miller's permission I'm going to take a crack at putting division patches on the stock game US Army uniforms using his patch graphics as a starting point. He has enlightened me that the patches should be a grey and black as opposed to green and black. I'll let him explain the uniform/camo pattern naming conventions if he wishes.

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2 hours ago, Sequoia said:

Anyway, never mind I see after looking closer a US flag is already on that shoulder. :)   One can suppose it was directed all US troops use the flag patch rather than any combat patch. They're going into combat again after all.

The US flag is always worn on the right shoulder. 

Below this goes a combat patch if one has been earned. A combat patch is simply a division patch (lets say 3rd Infantry) that is worn below the US flag if the wearer was deployed with the 3rd ID. 

The division patch (which displays the unit the wearer is currently in) goes on the left sleeve. 

My uniform skins do not include combat patches as they can be quite varied. I've only included the minimum uniform standards, which are the flag and current division patch. 

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