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Partial fix to AK Clipping

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Something that allways bottered me about CM:A is how the soviet soldiers hand's clip through the AK mags in some positions. 

I have found that by replacing the original m4 folder (inside the animations folder) with the one provided in CMSF2 Demo you can mitigate this problem. Now the AK looks great but there are some minor uniform clipping problems. It's a trade off. If you try this you do have to leave the original reload animations because the ones in CMSF2 don't work at all. There are other files that are not used by CM:A that can be erased to save space too.

Original animation on the left and CMSF2 animation on the right.


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Ok, never mind the first topic. Using the m4 animation gave the soldiers a strange hump that was bothering me more than the clipping. The solution was way simpler than I first thought.

Simply copy and rename the ussoldierm240-idle-kneel animation you will find in the original CM:A game, rename it ussoldierm4-idle-kneel and place it in your z folder.

This is what the renamed ussoldierm240-idle-kneel animation looks like.

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7 hours ago, jza80 said:

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but where would I find the animations folder in CMSF2?

Try the second post, it's a better solution than using the files from CMSF2. You have to explode the brz files inside the data folder using the mod tools to find the file.

5 hours ago, Erwin said:

Which original brz is the animation in?  101.brz or 102.brz?

Sorry, I don't remember which one, but most likely 101.

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