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CMx2 Exploded Files' Index


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Here is an index of all files one can explode (extract) from the brz files. CMSF2 is not included, yet.

Out of curiosity, here are the # of items that comes with each game :

  • CMBN : 12 192 items
  • CMFI : 15 628 items
  • CMFB : 13 285 items
  • CMRT : 7 000 items
  • CMBS 9 141 items

CMx2ExplodedFilesIndex (Google Sheet)


As for what it can be useful to, sky is the limit. I use to find where is what, to guess what files the games have in common and if there's something missing in my mods collection, eg.

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This is always handy info. Is it possible to apply two filters in the Google doc - a primary and secondary - so you can sort, e.g., by game and then by path to find, e.g., all vehicle files for CMRT?


A couple of years ago I prepared lists (RTFs) of just the moddable files for CMRT and CMBN (+ some modules) categorized by file type (sounds, vehicles, soldiers, etc.) but with the forum changes the threads have gone or links messed up. If the files might be useful to you let me know and I'll see if I can re-up them.

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@CMFDR I am glad you are doing this. You just removed a VERY old to-do off my mod list. I've been wanting to creating a BMP "naming" list for at least the unis for about five years LOL. So, THANKS!

BTW any way you can add notes to whatever format you are gonna compile these to? If so, I'd put something to the effect that the uniform naming conventions in BN are void before 2.0.



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6 hours ago, CMFDR said:

for the sake of curiosity, could you send me your files if that's not too much of an inconvenience? I was thinking about something more comprehensive and user-friendly than a spreadsheet, and well, Inspiration is everywhere

I'd be happy to give them to you but looking more at your spreadsheets I think there is not much point. My files are just tables that look identical to what you have presented but without the filtering functionality, so I'm sure there is no inspiration to be found there. The only difference was I included a "file type" column but this was mostly to make splitting the files into separate tables easier - and with the filtering function it is redundant. I split the tables into the following categories (again redundant with the filtering): shaders (tga), sounds (wav), text (txt), soldiers (bmp), vehicles (bmp), weapons (bmp), buildings (bmp), special effects (bmp), terrain (bmp), interface_editor (bmp), interface_in game (bmp).

My lists are also old and were prepared before any of the engine upgrades, so given the last couple of posts might be misleading in parts. And I stripped out at-the-time unmoddable files, but now with sbobovyc's modding tools this is probably not a good thing.

So I don't want to put links in your thread to out-of-date info but have PMed you a link to an example file if really interested.

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21 hours ago, CMFDR said:

Could be something wrong with my browser but I can't apply a filter on the WW2 sheet, however there is a sheet for each game and there it works.

It seems that if you create a new temporary filter from the top left menu you can then apply column filters. I have filters working for all sheets.

Just a note, but for the Red Thunder and Black Sea sheets the "Path" for the v100a BRZ files includes the BRZ name, which doesn't seem to be your convention for the rest of the files. This means that the "Bulk" column has this name duplicated, e.g. "red thunder v100a\red thunder v100a". For Red Thunder this is also repeated in the WW2 sheet.

Not a biggie but it could mess with filtering.

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