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Fortress Italy bugs

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1 hour ago, LukeFF said:

@Falaise, thank you, I will have a look.

@Falaise, I had a look at this one in the scenario editor, and it looks like there was bug with the uniforms back at the time this scenario was created. When I created a new scenario with that particular unit, the guy with the beret is depicted properly with a steel helmet.

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"Refreshing" the units in the scenario editors can help with that, since TO&Es can change with each patch and can get bugged. It would be varying degrees of tedious, though. For example if it's just one tank then it's alright, if it's an entire Armored Infantry company (I found a couple CMBN scenarios where there are duplicated Lieutenants in every platoon) then good luck putting everything back in place.


Mods usually wouldn't cause this kind of problem if they don't replace any infantry models.

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  I'd initially read of and personally experienced instances of enemy troops breaking and running directly
towards the enemy when behind bocage.

  In playing one of the stock CMFI scenarios this morning, U.S. troops were tasked with defending a small village
atop a hill.
  I had spotted a pair of US AI mortar teams about 300 yards away with 3x Brumbars. One of these took
the mortar crews under fire and I lost sight of 'em for a few turns. Lo and behold, they re-appeared
running directly at two of my Brumbars, which blew them both away at a distance of thirty yards.
The mortar crews had run almost 300 yards towards the Brumbars.
  Has Battlefront officially noted that this aspect of the series remains a problem?

Regards, Odd


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6 hours ago, Falaise said:

thank you Luke FF

I removed all Z so as not to have any interference
the problem persists
only on
tank regiment 44A, 5.
as well as for the mortar
I have the latest version 'italy, I bought the big buddle with rome to victory pre order

Hmm, strange. It might be something that's in the list of things already fixed for Rome to Victory. 

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1 minute ago, Frenchy56 said:

Again, thank you Elvis for the quick reply.

I am not the expert on these kinds of things. (akd on the other hand is 🙂 ). I think that I see what you mean with the Staghounds as some have a crew of 3 and some have a crew of 5. All the Daimlers  appear to have crews of 3 and I have no idea if they're supposed to have 3 or 4. 

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