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Just a "thank you Battlefront"

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Hi sirs,

well i played the CM-series since my college times round about 17 years ago. I started with CMBO and was stunned since the first minutes playing the game. Fu** fun and fu** realistic!

It was a unique product and it still is. You cant find anything similar. And no, you can't compare it to the Graviteam stuff (i own almost everything) which is rather arcade (*sorry*) I  played almost any pc-wargame on the planet (all the Matrix-stuff, hps, vic-design,...) but with no one i spend nearly as much time as i spend with the mighty Combat Mission series!

Thank you battlefront for giving us such a fine wargame-series!
(thank you all of you modders for supporting the series)

Cheers, Hafer

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This is starting to look like a trend with some wargame/strategy makers. Not exactly the same thing, but close. Individual titles are being supported much much longer than they used to. I was completely surprised when CA added two DLCs to Rome II last year (but then you still get the crybabies whining about it). They b**** when it isn't supported and b**** when it is. Though I understand some of the game play criticism crying about getting new stuff for a game made in 2013 is moronic. But anyway, Field of Glory II, CKII, EU4, and the guys at Matrix are even gonna go the BF route and keep all the Campaign Series titles they create at the same engine version. Longevity in my games is a huge selling point. I am the kind of guy that doesn't give up on something after six months or a year. I think a lot of us here are like that. Hell, I bought Rome I back in 2016 and like it!

Anyway, what Hafer, said. Thanks for all the hard work!



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