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CMSF2 v2.01 & updated Semper Fi: artillery?

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With the usual apologies if this has been raised elsewhere, couldn't find anything ...

As I've never played a CMSF campaign (dilatory, I know ...), I decided to remedy that by starting CMSF2 Semper Fi (upgraded): the first mission briefing says that the artillery support is provided by 1 initial and then 1 reinforcement DDG, but ... both those unit's icons on screen show as 155mm land-based artillery??


I've called one mission from the initial support, but it's not arrived yet: when it does, will the firepower represent the DDG, and it's just the screen icon which is wrong? Or is it a 155mm land-based artillery mission which will arrive? (Or, perhaps, are the two things deemed to be the same in game terms?)


I'm guess I'm thinking of the differentiated  "Naval Guns", icons and impact, in CMBN ...

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20 hours ago, sburke said:

yeah they didn't add naval guns into CMSF so they do just show as standard arty and behave as such.

Yeah, too bad the Naval guns aren't in. The 5-inch Destroyer guns are equivalent to 127mm vs the 155 mm, but the 5-inch guns don't use Excalibur rounds in this time frame, and have a "boat-load" more rounds (pun intended).

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