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Mord’s CMSF2 Hi-Vis Forensic Hit Decals V.2 By Mord?

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Mattis and Ian got it right. I only made multiple versions because I figured people who may only own one (the horror!) or two titles wouldn't find the mod if it was only say, for BN or RT. Because I am an obsessive and completest freak, I may do a version for SF2 just because it'll probably drive me crazy if I don't. But really all that would be is a splash screen saying it's for SF2.

And for future reference, all your generic sound files (shots, explosions, vehicles etc.), voices (as long as that nation is represented in the title), and bmps like explosions, smoke, fire, compass, etc. are interchangeable with all the titles. There are minor exceptions, such as an MG42 file working in SF2 but that's about it. Think of it this way, if it isn't specific to one country or time period or another, it'll most likely work in all the titles.



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