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Crashing Upon Game Start at 74%

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So I'm getting back into CM after some time away from the game but am encountering some issues.

Whenever I try to load a battle with Canadian units the game just shuts off and dumps me to the desktop at 74% on the loading screen. The American and British missions work fine, but it's no dice with the Canadians. I re-installed the game from a fresh download but I still got the same issue. After that, I tried loading the game using windows 7 and 8 settings (I'm running windows 10), and I can load the Canadian missions now, but my tank units became completely invisible. Another interesting effect is that in an American mission I loaded at the same time under the earlier windows compatibility settings, the textures for the .50 cal guns, along with a few other odds and ends, were completely black.

Anyone have any experience with an issue like this before?







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Just to be clear, this is CMSF2, correct ? Did you activate all of the license keys (old/CMSF1 and new) with the Activate Modules shortcut ?  You would need the old CMSF1 license keys for the base game and modules (Marines, British Force, NATO) and then the new license key(es).

The graphical issues that you're seeing seem to suggest that some BRZ data files may be missing or corrupt. I'm not looking at computer with the game installed, so I can't tell you the file sizes at the moment. When installing the game you may want to temporarily disable your security/anti-virus software during the installation and possibly the activation processes. You would then want to add an exception for the game files/folder within your security software so that it doesn't interfere with the game.

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OK, I'm at a computer with CMSF2 installed. The shortcut for activating modules, etc. is actually called 'Activate New Products - CMSF2'. This may be on your desktop or possibly within the Start Menu folder ('Battlefront' > 'Combat Mission Shock Force 2' > 'Licensing'). Again, you'll need to activate both the original CMSF1 license keys (base game and any modules) along with the new license key(es), if you purchased the 'upgrade'. If you purchased the 'full', non-upgrade version of the game, then the CMSF1 license keys are not needed. The 'success' dialog box should show green boxes with each module/base game license key activated, though nothing is shown if you go back to look (unless you attempt to activate another license key). So you should see both a 'v1' and a 'v2' green box for the base game and modules (i.e. - a 'Marines v1' and a 'Marines v2').

As for file sizes this is what I have downloaded and installed on a Windows 7 system:

Installer files (once extracted):

CM Shock Force 2 Installer.exe:

Size (not 'size on disk'):  738,130,800 bytes

Intro.wmv:    469,629 bytes

shock force v200a.brz:    1,676,793,821 bytes

shock force v200b.brz:    532,902,069 bytes

shock force v200c.brz:    1,967,707,094 bytes


The .brz files of the installer actually remain as such (they don't decompress any further) and are installed in the 'Data' sub-directory of the game directory.

The main game executable is:

CM Shock Force 2.exe:  23,182,280 bytes

There are, of course, several other files such as an uninstaller executable, PDF files, RezExplode mod tools (PC Only, I believe), various icon/shortcuts and all of the scenarios, campaigns and saved game files that are stored in the 'My Documents' folder.



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Forgot to mention that CMSF1 license keys are only needed for the 'upgrade' versions of CMSF2.
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Hey Jon,

Hmm, not sure, but have you downloaded the CMBN Engine 4 Full Installer as it might be better then just installing the Original CD's/Digital Download...I say this, because I'm hoping that Full Installer might take care of your issue.


Screenshot 2018-12-30 20.07.20.png

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