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Crash to desktop loading saved games


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I have a reoccurring problem in both CMRT and CMSF2. In both games I was playing a campaign. Multiple missions into these campaigns in both titles the current save game when loaded crashed to desktop. Save games further back would also crash. Far enough back and a game might load but a save off that game would also crash making further campaign progress impossible.

When the crashes start occuring I'm already well into the campaigns with dozens of saves marking the way. Both games run perfectly to the point the game starts crashing loading a save game.

I've unloaded all mods for CMRT but this hasn't helped. I've got a completely vanilla CMSF2. Both games are fully upgraded.

I haven't played a campaign in CMBN or CMFI in a while to know if I have the same issue in these titles.

Has anyone else experienced this issue before?

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  I've had two crash to desktop on a scenario, the ATGM Ambush.  I have not played any campaigns yet, but it is troubling that I keep having this happen for this particular scenario.  I've been saving games, but I get caught up in the action and forget to save after each turn, and then I get the crash and have to go back to the last save.  

  The other scenarios I've played have not done this...so far.


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