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Reinstalling, thought I owned CW & MG modules?


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Certain I was playing the CW & MG modules last time I played, but I don't see them anywhere in my account. Assuming I'm not crazy (big assumption there), am I overlooking where they install from?

Here's what I have in my order history. Is there anywhere else those keys would be? I haven't sifted through old saved emails yet; we used to receive activation codes by email, didn't we?

CMBN upgrade 3

CMBN engine 1

CMBN vehicle pack

CMFI Gustav Line

CMFI Upgrade 3

CMFI engine 2

CMRT engine 3

While I'm at it, do I need the CMBN engine 4 upgrade?


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None of your listed purchases suggest that you have the CW and MG modules, though there was a base game + CW bundle. All of your purchases (using the same email account) should be listed in your store account regardless as to whether they were 'download only' or 'mail delivery only', etc. If you have used another email account in the past (or someone else made a purchase for you as a gift using a different email address), you MIGHT have more than one account. I believe that the 3.0 Upgrade does have an 'all-in-one' patch download that lacks the Vehicle Pack and the 4.0 Upgrade (of course). There is a CW + MG bundle for US$60.00 that is available. Since you have three CM titles the Big Bundle 4.0 Upgrade for US$25.00 would save you about US$5.00 compared to purchasing each upgrade for US$10.00.

The 4.0 Upgrade did introduce an undesirable behavior when it came to units being more fragile under artillery or other fire. Eventually a patch should be released to fix that in the very near future (the same fix that CMSF2 has, though people still complain about soldier behavior).

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