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1 hour ago, Icechuck said:

Battle For Normandy Bundle

Shock Force 2 Bundle 

Black Sea 


Of the two modern titles you have:

Shock Force II: 6 (7 Major Formations) Nations,

US Army: 31 Vehicles

US Marines: 18 Vehicles

Brits: 18 Vehicles

Germans: 12 Vehicles

Canadians: 10 Vehicles

Dutch: 11 Vehicles

Syrians: 37 Vehicles plus they have Uncons and Special Forces

Total: 137 Vehicles + 11 years of user made content (some will work others won't). Older scenarios should work but will vary on how well.


Black Sea: 3 Nations

US Army: 25 Vehicles

UKR: 20 Vehicles

Rus: 40 Vehicles

Total: 85 Vehicles + 4 years of user made content (all should work), mods and scenarios.


Other factors would be temperate setting vs desert? Which do you prefer? Both include Russian equipment but only one includes Russia. BS is far deadlier and more technologically advanced than SF2 (not too far advanced but more). BS has more up-to-date Russian equipment.


Next up, CMBN count.





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Battle For Normandy: 5 Nations

US: 36 Vehicles

CW (Brits, Canadians, Poles): 50 Vehicles

Germans (Heer, Waffen SS, Luftwaffe (Fallschirmjäger), Naval Troops): 76 Vehicles

Total: 162 Vehicles. 7 years of user made content. Most will work outside of pre 2.0 uniform mods. All user made scenarios will work.

Other factors. Historical, WWII, Temperate setting. Slower pace and less deadly than either SF2 or BS (though BS is by far the deadliest of the three). Modern munitions and weapons systems vs technologically arcane systems, such as optics and guided rockets/bombs/AT assets. Full auto rifles per squad vs bolt action and semi auto rifles. Less armor/tank types in modern vs all kinds in WWII. Heavy IFV/AFVs vs mostly halftracks and light tanks/armored cars.

That's about all I can come up with right now. Hope it gives you something to chew on. And there is always looking at the various screenshot threads for each game.





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6 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

You should probably emphasize how deadly Black Sea is.  :P

What does it give you heart disease or something, I've been playing it for 6 months, should I see a doctor?

Back on topic, this is an oft asked question and generally it should come down to what interests you the most with a bit of how much content is there thrown in. Content-wise CMBN and CMSF 2 are standout winners but if modern deserts or 20th century bocage ain't your thing then you aren't going to be completely happy. Of course both titles are more than desert/bocage but that is the thrust of their content.

FWIW, I own all the titles and CMSF 2 is my favourite by a country mile but I put this down to the fact that I am very interested in the contemporary setting and I know more about it than WW2. I've not really decided which WW2 title I prefer most but I've had enjoyable games with all of them.

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On 12/15/2018 at 6:16 PM, Icechuck said:

That raises my next question, given that I'm debating three titles:


Battle For Normandy Bundle

Shock Force 2 Bundle

Black Sea

If you want to dive into modern...go with CMSF2...WAY more content than CMBS...you can play almost all of the old CMSF1 campaigns and scenarios..

If you like or want more WW2 goodness.....then CMBN is the way to go...a LOT of content as it was the first of the modern engine games to appears...


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