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How do you use the auto-assemble terrain tool?


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I'm not sure what you're using that name to describe.
Do you mean the greyed-out diagonal arrow next to the up-down-left-right arrows along the top on the 2-D map?
That lights up when you've selected a road or fence item. It over-rides the individual road/fence piece selection. You use it by doing one click where you want the road/fence to start and a second where you want it to end.

Then again, that might not be what you're referring to.

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This is from page 11 of the manual. Just wondering.



• Improved load time for 3D Preview, especially large maps.

• Customized "Mod Tags" for most graphics. This allows for multiple mods for the same item without the need to move items in/out of the mod folder.

• Ability to specify specific mods be used for a specific Scenario. If CM fails to find the specified mod it will use the default graphics.

• Auto-Assemble linear terrain tool. Roads, walls, fences, and hedges can now be automatically drawn across the map instead of placing them one tile at a time. The old manual selection interface still exists to allow tweaking specific Action Spots.

• BMP map overlay. Instead of having to create game maps by freehand you can now trace over a real world map within the Editor. Four different levels of transparency


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That's what MikeyD was talking about.

It's a diagonal arrow with two ends in the editor, and lets you select a start and end point of a linear feature.

It'll draw roads (or whatever) for you, rather than having to define each tile in the road manually. You'll probably still want to go through and clean up parts of it, but it saves a lot of hassle in the early stages.

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