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So is CMSF2 = CMSF1 in w/ engine upgrades?

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Sorta :D  The game code is indeed the Game Engine 4 that the other CM games (excepting CM Afghanistan) use.  However, we also rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up, including the artwork, TO&E, Quick Battle stuff, scenarios, and campaigns (some are still pending completion).  Reworking the original scenarios and campaigns involved adding new terrain, fortifications, AI Plans, and other stuff made available since CMBN's release.  What we did not do was add new campaigns.  Took us the better part of a year to redo all of the scenarios and two of the existing campaigns, so adding more was not in the picture.

What you'll find is although the campaigns and scenarios are technically the same as what was previously released,  they don't play the same.  The CMSF2 Demo also uses reworked originals from the CMSF1 Demo, therefore if you play the demo you should see for yourself how different things are.


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