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Thanks for the Mods

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Just wanted to thank the makers of some of these awesome mods. I put a WWII sound effect miod in CMFB and it is fantastic! The Garands sound like a hefty rifle, and you get the ping as well. Every sound improved; 155mm arty was deep, .50 cal had a dropped a couple of bass layers too. Wow!!

Well done. I did the tracer round as well. Also did one of the terrain mods . The cumulative effect is such that really changes how the game . 

A round of applause to therein creators of the aforementioned, well received mods

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 I concur, wholeheartedly! The modmakers are an integral part of the Combat Mission series and have been
since the original CM came out 18 years ago. Their selfless contributions to the CM community over almost
two decades have made a tremendous positive impact on my enjoyment of CM. Bless them one and all!

Best regards, Odd


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