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In QB You can´t change to different Syrian tanks

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In QB for the Syrian army, when i pick a tank Company. I cant change to the tanks i want. Regular, reserve, or republikan Guard, its all the same. Works fine for Nato tanks. Tried with the Syrians as both the defender, and attacker, Ai, and human player. Only works for Nato side. Tried with various maps to. Is it a bug in the game? Or me having a buggy install?

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17 minutes ago, waffelmann said:

I had a similar experience in the editor.


the  tank-types changed in the "selected-units"-window, not in the variant on the bottom....

You are right. It changed in the activated unit window. And in game to. Thanks for the input Waffelmann. Then I belive its a minor UI bug only. Thank god for that.

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