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game crashes in QB when I press 'recommend forces', and Homs is misspelled as Hims in the stock US campaign menu

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QB item sounds like a possible bug.  Will likely need more detail, I just did a quick run asking for suggested forces and no crash.  Could be map of force specific.

the second item- With a population of 1,600,000 Homs is the third large city in Syria after the capital Damascus and Aleppo. It is centrally positioned in Syria and is home to Al-Baath University among other institutes. There are many restaurants and hotels. The old name for the city of Homs is "Emissa" or "Emizza", but in standard Arabic it is called "Hims", and "Homs" is its informal name.

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1 hour ago, professionalXMAZ said:

w respect to the crash - it's happened three times, I can get video of it if you want... it was twice with syrian forces, once with american.  different map each time

I am sure a video would be OK but all we really need is a screen shot of the QB screen just before clicking OK - so we know what forces were selected and what was on automatic vs human selected.

Oh and what modules you have might factor into as @MikeyD suggested.

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3 hours ago, GJK said:

This causes a crash every time

Thanks. I have everything and I do not see a crash. What module(s) do you have @GJK?


2 hours ago, RottenMoses said:

The game crashes if Syrian army selection is automatic in quick battle. I have the base game + marines module.

And if you select the Syrian troops your self - does that work?

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Identical setup as displayed.  Syrian Army  set auto.  Game plays fine.  From previous experience (numerous CM titles) I believe there are 3 general areas to trouble shoot when the QB Game is CTD:

1.  The QB Map is at fault (that would be all my problem)

2.  The QB TOE has a problem. (Like having Units of a non installed module showing up)

3. The Game installation had some kind of glitch

So if you are able to actually get to the actual setup/start on the 3D board please save it BEFORE starting a turn. Then we might have better luck reproducing the CTD and can pass it on to BFC

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