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Another Resolution Question

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Whew, first post in CMBB forum in many many years!  

I thought I would reload this old gem to check it out.  But I'm having a resolution problem and was wondering if someone might be able to help...

My monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080.  When I installed CMBB, the best resolution I could get was 1280x1024; because my monitor's resolution is so much wider than that of the game, and the game fills the full screen, the game looks horizontally stretched out when it starts.

My question is whether there are any settings that would allow the game to start in a 1280x1024 sized-window rather than occupying the full screen?  It would be a bit smaller but I think would look better...  But I can't find any settings that would allow this and don't know if it is even possible!  

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Within CMBB there is no setting that could change this (scaling). Your monitor or videocard  MAY have settings to allow it to map the pixels one-to-one (so that a 1280 x 1024 sized image would be centered on the monitor and not stretched). I know in the past that the Nvidia control panel was capable of this (though it may have taken a lot of experimentation to get it to work). I'm not sure about the current Nvidia drivers (and specific OS versions) or if AMD Radeons have this functionality. The most convenient method would be for the monitor to have a setting that disables the scaling (mapping one-to-one on the pixels). Some monitors have such functionality, while many don't. The feature can go by a number of names/descriptions, so you may want to look through your monitor menus to see if there is anything that may support such a function.

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After some experimentation, I fixed this issue by going to the NVidia Control Panel Display=>Adjust Desktop Size and Position, then selected the "No Scaling" radio button AND Perform Scaling "On GPU".  

This keeps CMBB from getting stretched to fit a wide screen, but is not perfect--the resolution is something like 1084x1020, so more squarish than I would like...I would prefer, say, 1600x1200 but CMBB does not give me that choice or anything better than what I have.

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