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All my CM 2 series games have stopped working

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All of my CM 2 series games have stopped working - will not load.  My CMSF 1 and CMAfghan games are working without problems.

Does this mean that I have a technical problem with my computer (happy to ask for a support ticket) or does this mean that the CM website is authentication process is not available because of the uploading CMSF2?  If the former I will get a support ticket.

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Interesting... CMSF1 and CMA use the eLicense copy-protection system. All of the other (newer) CM games utilize a different copy-protection system. I suspect it may be an issue with either security/anti-virus software or possibly a program/utility that is loaded up that interferes with the newer copy-protection system. How long ago were you able to play the now not-working games ? Do you know if you installed/updated anything since those games were last working ?

If it is somehow security software, you may want to add an exception within the security software (especially within any 'active' protection systems of the security software) to ignore all of the CM game executables and/or directories.

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