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"That's one vast valley!" - hard-edged, realistically scaled map

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On 4/28/2020 at 11:39 PM, RobZ said:

I'm in the progress of making a Bastogne map and I have been reading some here and find some usefull tips. This is my first real map ever in CM and I'm also making it completely without overlays cus I didn't know that existed untill a few days ago. Im making it from a mix of ww2 photos, google earth and some height map with contour lines.


The map is 2.5x2.6 km in size, and some places have extremely long sight lines, like from one side to the other, one pic shows such a sight line. What do u guys think of that for gameplay?

Making this map threw out everything I thought i knew about field designs. The fields around bastogne is the most oddly shaped and placed fields I have seen. The most odd looking fields you can see here is designed from what I see in real life photos and I'm not sure how good it looks for the map. Some fields even go straight across water streams... 

Another thing is that ww2 photos are black and white so I can't see the color of fields back in the day, but atleast on Google Earth there is a mix of green grassy fields, and proper fields like wheat and other stuff. Should I be having this kind of mixed fields like I do now or should I make everything grass or plown? 

Third, Bastogne fields have wire fences all over the place and even around wheat fields, so most of my fields have wire fencing. Do you guys find this realistic? I don't really see individual wire fences from ww2 photos, but i can sort of make out where the field seperation is and thus a wire fence.

Any tips or feedback would be appreciated 😃

This thread answers some of those questions if you download @Lt Bull's pdf - while I appreciate it is a different bit of Belgium there are wire fences aplenty.  Also check out the master maps in the title - they are extremely well researched and well executed and therefore worth a study to get a feel for what looks right and what doesn't.


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On 11/1/2018 at 10:29 PM, Kaunitz said:

As I've been comparing CM's quickbattle-maps with actual landscape/maps, I couldn't help but notice that the scale of many quickbattle-maps is off....

I like everything about this post/thread.  Great ideas.  Great work. +1

PS: LOL! I just realised how old this thread is!  Better late than never.

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