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UKR BTR 4E firing ATGMs into hedges on Area Fire

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No, really.











I'm burning "opsec" to post these, but Its a fairly dangerous AI bug to fire ATGMs into a hedge, on AF, with no sightings of hostile armor even available, and plenty of autocannon ammo, GL ammo available. And this asswipe fired off BOTH Barriers.

Repeats on every play thorough. Never seen this before.

Turn available on request.



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FYI I just tried to reproduce this in 2.12. No luck. I had 18 BRT 4Es firing at the woods and then at hedges and then at buildings. For over a minute on each target. At the end they all had their two missiles still ready to use on a proper target.

Yes, my back log is long :)

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I remember the BMP-1 has the same problem in CMSF and CMSF2. It will fire its main gun first, then ATGM.  The gunner is very likely to get killed when expose himself during reloading.


Possible solution are, 

1, use target briefly 

2, target, put a movement command, but adding a pause on it.


Not sure if it will work on BTR-4E in CMBS



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