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Newbie DAR/AAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67D

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On 11/14/2018 at 11:58 PM, JoMc67 said:

Next Game will be a 'Mirror version with NCC as Canukes...Oh, and the only Commonwealth forces I play are the Scotts, Irish & Canukes as the rest don't count :-)..The Game will be increased to 25+5, AC's will come on in 15 minutes, and the Green Infantry Soft Factors have been increased a little for slightly better staying power (All Green troops will retain High Motivation, increased leadership to 0, and CW HQ only will have a +1 Leadership). Think I also changed one aspect of the 'House Rules' a little.

@JoMc67 I think I will continue in this thread the DAR of the mirror version. This is time to leave for now... Happy game and like me, have fun !

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Excellent, clear and very helpful AAR, especially with all the tactical tips chipped in. Thanks to the OP and to those who chipped in. Look forward to the next one. 


Seemed to me that you did mostly everything by the book but you were stymied from the off by your opponent basically rushing over a shorter distance to get on the objective, so there wasn't much you could do. 

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On 11/17/2018 at 12:00 PM, peter thomas said:

Excellent, clear and very helpful AAR, especially with all the tactical tips chipped in. Thanks to the OP and to those who chipped in. Look forward to the next one. 


Thank you, I am happy to do this to help others. If it can decide some people to buy this game, that would be great.

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A 10 seconds pause for my heroes before running toward their respective objectives.


Next stop on my right wing near at the edge of the woods.


In the center, one squad will advance carefully inside the village.


On my left wing, I am reaching my first defined objective. Now, I will move more cautiously.


And the surprise of the end of this turn. Incredible, one German is already there, rushing on the woods on the right of the village. I hope this guy has registered for the New York City Marathon...


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So the plan here should be:

Work out a hasty defensive plan. You want as many of your guys to be as stationary in decent positions as possible, right now. MGs are superb for this.

From there, you need to keep building and reinforcing this defence, using the stationary guys to cover better positions, better sight lines, etc. The nuance is in deciding what is good enough, and what is too far, and that's hard to judge. You need to get the foundation down before setting up your platoon in  situation that you're happy with.

Defensively you want to protect key areas, preferably where they can see and support each other. It's no good sticking someone in the woods if they can't be seen by the rest of the platoon, since the Boche could potentially bring their entire force onto this isolated unit. You happen to know that artillery is not a major issue, so controlling buildings isn't a bad idea, but pay attention to the direction windows are facing, and any blind spots.

Ideally I'd like to leave one squad in reserve, and keep the HQ and mortar team central, so that they can help out. Don't be afraid to lay smoke with the two inch mortar - that's mostly what they're for. The HE rounds are helpful, but smoke has an immediate effect on the battle that disproportionate to their size. Laying smoke to cover a withdrawal, or to split and isolate enemy fires is crucial to the British way of war.

One you've secured the position (which looks likely to involve a firefight), the next part will be to take stock on the overall situation - if you get into a confused firefight now and win, then you may or may not have already won the game, but working out whether (and how) you can develop your now-slightly-less-hasty-defence into a proper attack.

One option will be to not attack, or to wait for the armoured car to show up. Again, this is a question of nuance. You happen to know the composition of the enemy forces exactly, so you should be able to get a good idea about whether you''re winning the fight once the shooting starts.

Bren vs Spandau is an old debate - the MG42 obviously has a much greater rate of fire, but lower accuracy. The Bren might be the finest LMG in WW2, but the MG42 isn't an LMG...

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Another German is spotted in front of the house I fail to assault at my first try.


Unfortunately, my orders were already given for this turn and it was impossible to stop my men. This guy has taken a shot from a LMG, either MG34 or MG42. My first casualty. ☹️


On the left, the marathon's champion is now carefully moving while my reserved squad is taking the house in front of him. I am predicting bad things for him soon.


At the end of the turn, I have also spotted some moves at the center of the map. I am wondering how @JoMc67 is able to move so quickly without tiring his men...


Sound contacts everywhere at the edge of the village, this will be bloody...G5aDD.jpg

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Fatigue mostly doesn't matter - the more fatigued you are, the slower you are allowed to move, but it doesn't (appear to) affect your morale, shooting, etc.

It's obviously still better to be unfatigued than fatigued - if you need to bring up reserves quickly or get out of an area that mortars are in, then you'll want to be able to move Fast whenever you need to.


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Message from @JoMc67 :


Ok, ask the Forum members how does each state of Troops readiness effects Spotting & Shooting (ex: does 'Tired' troops Spot less with less shooting accuracy, etc)...Let me know what's said. What I think was said awhile ago; Spotting & Moral is temporarely reduced when readiness is reduced (ex; 'Tired Troops spot less), but Shooting accuracy still stayed normal.

Any expert of this topic out there? Thank you

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19 hours ago, ncc1701e said:

Message from @JoMc67 :

Any expert of this topic out there? Thank you

@Josey Wales is the expert on this stuff.  My understanding, mostly based on tests by Josey Wales, is the following:

Fatigue has no effect on a unit’s accuracy or on its morale state regardless if the current morale state is a result from either Combat Stress or Combat Shock or a combination of both.  Fatigue will only affect your movement options:

Tired troops cannot Fast Move.
Fatigued troops cannot Fast, Assault or Hunt Move.
Exhausted troops cannot Fast, Assault, Hunt or Quick Move.

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True.  However, in many instances (esp WW2 era) being the first to reach a location is a major step to victory.  It takes a few minutes for arty to FFE so there is usually time to rest and recover a bit.  In the game, we're saying that exhausted troops can fight as effectively as fresh troops - they just can't run much more is all.   

Not sure why the engine couldn't add some sort of combat penalty if they are fatigued or exhausted.

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The situation deploys suddently with the incoming of about a team in the woods on my right. Alas, my troops are not seeing them...


They are here guys!!! They are here!!! And you are behind them...


But, this is too late. The team in the woods plus the one in the house from minute 4 are firing on one of my squad. The result is catastrophic. Another retreat...


My guys in the woods are still progressing unable to spot the enemy.


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It's worth firing at sound contacts as well.  In CM1 the sound contacts were vague and inaccurate and it was usually a waste of ammo shooting at them.  In CM2 sound contacts are quite accurate and one can usually get a result by shooting at a sound contact.

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