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[MOD] CMRT: Winter '44 - Compilation mod

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CMRT: Winter '44 - Compilation mod I present to you a modification for the game in the winter scenarios. I present to you a modification for the game in the winter scenarios. Mod contai

Yeah just PM me your email and I can have you set up with access in minutes.  If Im online. 

Pz 5 A,G its Batllefront skins (CMFB), ausf D and early A change only winter tracks. But work in process.

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As Erwin and others have suggested, upload the files to CMODS for download, don't just provide the same "download link" at CMODS. 

No offence intended, however, considering what is going on around the world, some may think twice about clicking on your "download link" at a site with Cyrillic type.  Know what I mean?

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Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes very insulting.

The file size on CMMODS cannot exceed 500 MB. Mod takes 7 GB. I am forced to use the existing file sharing for your convenience. Forced to spend your traffic and your time to download 7 GB in a convenient way in one place without a heap of links to 100 MB. You have to be a little more trusting of people or just walk away.

Mirror on MEGA - https://mega.nz/#F!4UxBlCLC!uxibUJUM78CgiEctkslXPw

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Thief is also active on Steam for quite a long time. And the Panther and StuG files he kindly allowed me to dl are okay. So, no guarantees, but I think he's an asset to this community. Besides, someone with bad intentions wouldn't 'admit' he's Russian and wouldn't have chosen this name. I think. But these are bad times for an honest Russian, Thief, so bare with us please. 😀

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