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Special Edition vs. Original?


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Correct. The Special Edition which was compiled for US retail contains free mods and scenarios which are (were? some might be offline) available freely. Some of the mods are pre-insalled, meaning that e.g. CMBO comes with better terrain and other textures right out of the box if I recall correctly.

So if you already own CMBO, you don't really need the Special Edition, except when you'd want to have all those mods/scenarios in one place.


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The best place for CMBO mods is still Madmatt's semi-unofficial site at combatmission.com (aka CMHQ). Ninety percent of the CMBO mods are there, and eighty percent of them have been converted to CMMOS format so that they can be easily switched.

The best place for scenarios used to be the Scenario Depot, but it no longer exists. There were several thousand scenarios for the three CM games there. The CMBO section has been posted in a series of zip files by Birdgunner at cmmods.com. CMMODS is currently the largest overall collection of mods for the three CM games. Many of the CMMOS mods at CMHQ have been converted to non-cmmos format at CMMODS (a few mods were originally done with CMMOS in mind). There is also a later version of CMMOS at CMMODS that was put together after the group that worked on it was disbanded.

[Note on mod managers: You probably want to use one. There are two choices -- CMMOS and McMMM. CMMOS is more or less complete for CMBO and handles options better than McMMM. CMMOS is not complete for CMBB and barely in existance for CMAK. You should probably use CMMOS for CMBO, CMMOS and McMMM for CMBB, and McMMM for CMAK. The alternative is that you make a back-up copy of the game's bmp and wav folders (not a bad idea, in any case) and an elaborate set of holding folders for each of the mods (something you'll need to do if you intend to make any of your own as opposed to using other people's).]

For scenarios you should also visit The Proving Grounds, Boots and Tracks, and A Band of Brothers.

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