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Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread

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Some Marines keeping an eye on things.

Dialing in the Reshade and messing with filters and camera angles for screenie taking.       Mord.  

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14 hours ago, sburke said:

Now that it is released we aren't tied to just showing stock pics.  :D  Modded for the true crappy affect for Iraq.  And I really do mean crappy.

Yes this is Kieme's building mod along with some other stuff for street sewage.




CM Shock Force 2 Shitty Iraq 001.jpg

Very cool.  +1     Is this from your Sadr City map?

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3 hours ago, Pete Wenman said:

The sh/t mod is something I've put together, along with ground rubbish, amended rubble and a re-textured wooden bridge from RT  


I'll get them on CMMods later today      P

YES!!!  +1    And I'll have the sh/t mod placed in a scenario I'm working on about 20 minutes after your upload :D.  Very nice job. 

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YES!!! Thanks Pete, that is one of the best terrain mods I’ve seen across all titles.  

Btw, just last weekend I discovered by accident through Facebook (a modern air war site) that you are an accomplished military aviation artist. Beautiful work!


PS:, I should add that I have no idea how I missed that all these years, given your avatar and Profile, lol!

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For you map makers there's already tagged terrain elements in the game.
If you use the tag rubble the 'heavy rocks' will turn into smashed building debris. If you use the tag trash the 'hard' terrain will turn into strewn trash. 'Rubble' is used in several scenarios and 'trash' is being used in at least one.

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