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Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread


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On 9/19/2020 at 3:58 AM, MOS:96B2P said:

Night Blast.


Followed by some room clearing. 


EDIT: Can anybody see the screenshots in this post?  All I see are the links to Imgur.  However I see this post has one up vote.  Maybe its just me that can't see the screenshots?  


I just copy/pasted the links to the images and saw them in another browser tab. The night blast is quite nice looking, think I gave the like.

However I tried them again now and one of the links seem broken (the first is now image unvailable, second is the night blast).

It seems the [img] tags are not working for some reason. Do they need to be in CAPITAL? or perhaps the way to embed images has changed?

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And, finally for now. Some more movies I recorded with Nvidia of the same mission.


War is hell:

And CV9035 BEAST:

PS Although usually the CV9035 spends about 40 rounds taking out a single BMP-2 (and continues to put in 17+ rounds after it's target is on fire, or continues to pepper infantry with KETF after they've been observed dying), in this clip it somehow takes out 2 T-72s and only expands minimal ammo (hitting it in side and lower hull, stopping after penetrations have achieved desired effect).


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The country of Abbudin was racked by political and sectarian fighting which quickly degenerated into civil war.  Foreign Non-combatants respond to warnings from their home countries to evacuate.  Many show up at the US Consulate playing the air guitar.




As night falls hostile militia groups attempt to storm the consulate.



The non-combatants shelter inside while a small USMC detachment provides security.  


The call for immediate assistance goes out.............................. 

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A task force composed of the Assault Ship USS Wasp adjusts course and picks up speed.



The well deck of the USS Wasp is the scene of determined, professionals preparing for a rescue mission.



A Stryker unit that had been training in the neighboring country also mounts up.    


The call for assistance will be answered. 

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