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Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread

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Some Marines keeping an eye on things.

Dialing in the Reshade and messing with filters and camera angles for screenie taking.       Mord.  

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16 hours ago, Bozowans said:

When the Americans invaded Syria, little did they realize that Bashar "The Lion" al-Assad had been developing super-weapons in secret for many years. A true WMD, this mega-missile was unleashed upon the invaders as they crossed the border. The missile's debut launch was directed right at this dude's face:



Probably this:


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Blue Vs Blue (US vs Germans) and M1 driving into ambush, panzerfaust rocket en-route.


Took multiple hits and crew bailed.


Only to bail out into a storm of small arms fire. You can see bullets kicking up the dust to the bottom left of the crewman. The M1s wingman is heading to the rescue.


Too late though, the bailed-out crew are quickly cut down, and the rescue M1 is in trouble of its own. The driver steps on the gas and the M1 attempts to roll out of trouble.


It takes fire from a Marder. The M1 turns towards its tormentor and the gunner draws a bead on the Marder.


Only to fire and miss as the earlier volley of cannon fire had damaged the fire control system... Both vehicles live to fight another day.

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42 minutes ago, mjkerner said:

Thanks, but I’m a bit intimidated cuz I never modded vehicles. Funny enough, I can paint and weather  miniature vehicles to a good standard, but we’ll see how this work on a screen. 

I'd say use them as your base line. They'll keep you honest if you drift too much.



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