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I've not had problems using either. Are you sure you have a gunner on the G-Wagon when attempting to target? Barring LOF, it's pretty much tag wagon and select target.

The Bradley will fire whatever it thinks is appropriate at the time. You need to be careful when troops are nearby. That 25mm is quite effective at suppression and makes short work of most structures.

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FEEDBACK ON THE DEMO: The demo is absolutely great! I'm enjoying it so much! Finished the Alamo scenario yesterday and now playing the marines landing on the beach: Flashes and tracers blitz

Steve, Casio et.al, Been a few too many years since I was active on the boards or behind the scenes but there's pretty much not a day goes by that I don't make a PBEM move with my ol' mate across

Fulga Gap!

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If you have access to the CMSF2 all-in-one installer - it will have the documentation.

I assumed it was publicly accessible. If not, ask @BFCElvis if it would be possible to make the PDF manuals available for every WWI/Modern title.

Having the manuals publicly available seems like a good thing and can only encourage sales.

IIRC, the demo has scenarios for the base, UK, and NATO modules.

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