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More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

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10 minutes ago, Vergeltungswaffe said:

But they went on to laughably claim it was a US spy flight testing their air space.

That's disingenuous as you should know, there was an RC-135 in the immediate area at the time. 

But all this changes nothing.....If NATO is dumb enough to send a selection of floating coffins into the Black Sea (or Objekt 100's kill-zone as it is otherwise known) we'll all be one step closer to a war that none of us want, just because Ukraine** wanted to wave their willy at Russia.   :rolleyes:

** No doubt with considerable encouragement from Western powers (who, as we all know, really do not have their own citizens best interests at heart).

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https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46340283 "Under a 2003 treaty between the governments in Moscow and Kiev, the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov are shared territorial waters."  

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As can be expected, another "Whataboitism" defense of something that shouldn't be defended.  Unfortunately, these sorts of events were preordained as soon as Russia illegally seized Crimea through an act of war and illegally made it a part of its territory.  All Russian government actions to enforce the illegal actions are themselves illegal.  Which is why these discussions quickly devolve into Whataboutism defenses by those sympathetic to the Russian point of view.  It's either that or admit that Russia is behaving in a way that is not acceptable in a world where the rule of law is viewed as a fundamental component of world peace.

And with that, I am slapping a padlock on this thread.  I suspect it will not be the last.


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