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Someone help me add foregrips and Rhino mounts!! lol

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I have to ask:

Having dabbled in modeling(work is killing me, I wish I had more time) for this series there are a couple of issues. Adding a Rhino mount isn't hard, but why? When they have their NODs on their face, the rhino mount is on there. I usually left mine off my helmet unless I was expecting to have to put NOD on.

When you said foregrip, I assume you meant vertical grips. The problem there is at this time we don't have the ability to modify the soldier model. We can't correct the standard hand-hold of the forearm to the vertical hold to grab onto the grip. I think they made a better choice in not having them.

I haven't bothered to look, but have they modeled the correct hold of the 320?

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On 10/1/2018 at 7:24 PM, MikeyD said:

You can't break open the... (what do they use?) the mdr files and tinker with them.

You can. It has been done in the modding section, by me, as well as the guy who developed the tool to import and export them.

I toyed around with creating a PRC-117G, as well as changing soldiers kit. It isn't too hard, but creating content from scratch requires a little more time than I currently have at the moment. I have screen shots in my thread:


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