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Technical question

Michael Emrys

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Go to the folder where you installed the game.  You should have an activate new products shortcut.  Hit that and apply the license key you have from BF for the battle pack.  Should come back and note it was successful and when you launch the game you should see a second icon that looks like an explosion on Blue and Yellow UKR background.

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4 minutes ago, Michael Emrys said:

I know, but I can't find it.


IIRC you are a Mac guy so the below is probably somewhat different on your machine.  On my Windows 10 PC the Activate New Products shortcut is in the following location:

Local Disk C

Program Files x86



Activate New Product

If the above is to different to help we may need another Mac user.  @Bud Backer might be able to assist. 

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I was hoping a MAC user would take this on, but barring that what you can do is create an activate shortcut.  Copy your regular shortcut to somewhere else then edit it.

This is my CMBS shortcut        "H:\Battlefront\Combat Mission Black Sea\CM Black Sea.exe"

This is my activation shortcut  "H:\Battlefront\Combat Mission Black Sea\CM Black Sea.exe" -showui



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Unfortunately, this being a Mac, the shortcut is different. I know I created them before, and in trying to sort this problem out I can get as far as opening Terminal, but when I try to insert anything I get the notice that I am not authorized to do that. I think I need someone at BFC to give me the proper steps. It's just that I hate to bother them right now.


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