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Hey MikeyD and other modders!!!


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I have been dabbling back into CMBO for a while and have noticed how much better it is with all of the recent mods. My question is: have you guys given up on CMBO? I was wondering if anyone would be intrepid enough to cook up British AFVs similar to MikeyD's US tanks for CMBO. I am particularly looking for Cromwell, centaur and comet mods--as wll as ACs. Any chance?

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Thanks HB for the tip--I must have missed those. I found them with a search.

However, all of these mods date back to 2004. I was wondering if anybody was giving them a another look. I have been impressed with the high quality of the mods (especially yours) that have been released this year. The paint schemes and rez just looks so much better.

So, just a simple plea, if not, what we have are good enough--I guess...

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