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Stabilisation visually simulated in cmsf 2?


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The difference in firing accuracy between a stabilized gun an non-stabilized gun on the move in the game is stark. Even in the WWII titles the difference is readily apparent. Also, I'm not exactly sure what you imagine a 68 ton Abrams is capable of doing. It moves forward, it back up, it pivots. The turret rotates. Is there something else it should be doing?

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Animation is also a factor. BFs presumption is they configure the system to operate on the basis of the community that buys the game. If visually depicting something requires a processing hit they are gonna determine is that eye candy or essential and then decide to implement or not. The actual factor of stabilization is most certainly included, the animation may not. In a similar example (but I think this is more a graphics depiction issue) I frequently see units firing when the rifle is pointed at the ground while in movement and yet it hits an enemy target. Also the “cow patty” slide you sometimes see is not a CM specific issue but rather the graphic catching up to the processor. I see it in other games as well.  The computer world still has its limitations thank god. 

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