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where to find 'cmmg' module in windows 10?

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If you down loaded the full install before you bought MG it will already be on your comp, it just needes to be activated. Go to documents/battlefront/CMBN (or the equivalent depending on where you installed BN) you'll see a an icon for "activate new products", open it and type your MG key in the info bar, then you should be good to go.



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If your installation of CMBN is 4.0, then the Market Garden module is already installed (all of its files get installed with the base game, so they are already present). You just need to activate it with the 'Activate Modules / Other Products' shortcut (I'm not absolutely sure of its name). This may be within the Start Menu for Battlefront and CMBN or you may have to search for it in the game's installation directory (quite possibly at 'C:/Program Files/x86/Battlefront/Combat Mission Battle for Normandy').


Edit - beaten to the punch with a more accurate description of the shortcut - 'Activate New Products'.

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