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17 hours ago, JohnO said:

This is what I'm trying to described about Butt Packs on Russian Pixeltroopers



Butt Packs.jpg

What's wrong with tacticool fanny packs? xD

A question, while we're on the subject: why do these guys got goggles on their foreheads?

I don't mind them in-game, because I always see RL RF infantry with these things on their foreheads. All the time. In Syria, in Ukraine -- everywhere. What's their purpose?

I know that helis pick up a lot of dust and it's generally a good idea to keep things out of your eyes (when driving, etc.). But, why does nobody wear them and yet are issued to absolutely everyone? Why are they always on the forehead, and not in the fannypack?

Is it a fashion choice? Is the RF falling victim to our tacticool NATO fashion?

(Also, I really don't get the concept behind the PKP...)

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