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any chance of a CMBO 2 ?

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There is an ongoing effort in the CMAK community to convert CMBO scenarios to CMAK format, including, I believe, a set of Normandy scenarios. This is because CMAK not only covers North Africa and Crete,

but also Sicily and Italy. This provides for most of the vehicles used D-Day and thereafter, but if they didn't see service in Sicily or Italy, then they're not going to be available for Normandy scenarios and beyond. ISTR this includes King Tigers and Jagdtigers, to give a couple of prominent examples.

By playing CMBO scenarios under CMAK, though, you gain some real advantages over original CMBO. These include dust, cover arcs, better MG modeling, more realistic suppression effects, more realistic artillery, etc. What you could do routinely in an infantry attack in CMBO is now suicide in CMAK and would be so in CMAK modded for

war in the West.

I'm sure you're disappointed the first offering with the new engine won't be WW2, but the CMAK mods I've described should take some of the sting out.


John Kettler

[ November 13, 2005, 01:13 PM: Message edited by: John Kettler ]

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