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Reinforcements problem

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Hi everyone

I'm currently playing a PBEM game of One Long Cold Day. My opponent playing the Germans has just received pop-up notification of reinforcements but none appeared to arrive. He's obviously done a very meticulous scan of the map but couldnt find any new troops. We're on turn 22. He skipped through the map quickly in single player and found that something did arrive that turn. Why hasn't it in the PBEM game?

Is this some kind of bug? Has anyone else experience something like this?

Any (spoiler-free :D ) help would be much appreciated!

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Originally posted by Corvidae:

a qb using preexisting map with troops imported???

variable reinforcements,,, ie; XX% chance to arrive on said turn?????????

a fluke???

Its not a quick battle just the regular mission. I don't know if its using variable reinforcements but when he started his turn the box came up stating 'reinforcements have arrived'. Could it be air support? I didn't think so as its snowing!!
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