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Buying CM 1&2 on Ebay

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I am new here. Currently I do not own any of the Combat Mission games and have played all the demos hundreds of times each :D .

I have finally decided to get the games and was wondering if it is safe to buy these games off ebay. The reason I ask this is because the games only cost around $4-$8 brand new. I know these games are the special edition and I read the post about the SE games. However could there be any problems with these games. My Dad thinks so. Could you guys please help.



The links for the games are below.

http:// CM Beyond Overlord >

CM Barbarossa to Berlin

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You certainly picked an odd place to ask that question. Your father is essentially correct.

There are several reasons why you don't want to buy a used copy of the game from E-bay.

Assume for a moment that the seller is on the up-and-up, and that what you purchase really does show up after you pay for it.

You're buying three things.

The CD, in good condition, without scratches. You'll be surprised to learn that the CD's get scratched, wear out, and break. The guy who sells them to you on E-bay won't be around to replace them if they eventually become damaged or are defective. I don't know what CDV's replacement policy is, but BFC has always been very good about replacing goods that you buy directly from them. That obviously doesn't apply if you buy a CDV product from E-bay.

A printed manual in good condition that is not missing any pages. Unlike many games you really need to read the manual. Once before you play the game, and a few more times after you think you know what you're doing.

A relationship with BFC. BFC is not some huge faceless corporation where the idle rich are getting richer off of twitch dollars. Money that goes to them insures that the series will continue, because the CM games are their main source of revenue. If you buy second-hand goods not one penny of your purchase goes to the creators of this brilliant work.

For a few dollars more you can be sure that you can replace your damaged copy whenever you need to (it will almost certainly wear out -- some people are on their third copies), and you can sleep soundly knowing that the next iteration of CM will come into existance because Steve won't have to go back to being an arrogant lobster fisherman, and Matt won't have to revert to being an irascible bouncer.

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CDV CM while being a 'special edition' doesn't mean much as all the extras and more are freely available via CM enthusiasts websites i.e mod skins and custom scenarios etc

CDV have a copy protection system that can play havoc with certain CD drives and plus the game is censored with WaffleGrenadiers featuring instead of the nasty SS.

Buy all three from BFC and be assured a hassle free experience as stated above.

I live in the UK (Apple Mac) and have bought all my games via this website with excellent results. The biggest problem I ever had was a dodgy pre-ordered copy of CMBB that wouldn't install - I contacted Matt ( the mad) BFC admin and he personally rushed me a hand burned replacement ASAP to get me playing, followed up within a fortnight by a proper disk. I wouldn't shop anywhere else as the service and attitute from the guys here is exemplary and wholehearted.

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Thanks for the help.

Ok will buy the game off of the battlefront site if my dad will let me. He says video games are bad for you but I try to tell him this is not a game but a learning expirence ;) . Otherwise I will have to wait until I am 18 in Feburary. Thanks again for all the help.

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Good decision!

My I also suggest you visit your public libary/bookshop and read up on the war history books as a background (Grog 101). They'll have accounts of the tactics and battles that CM simulates and helps bring the game to life, and help give you an insight into how problems on the battle field were overcome and at what cost to those who fought.

If you haven't seen it already, check out www.cmmods.com for different/improved graphics files for the landscape/vehicles and troops. Plus they have an enormous archive of all user created scenarios that keep you busy for years to come.


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Reading recommendations

Glantz comprehensively covers the Eastern front

The strategy guide is a very handy primer into the CMBB game, and with the CM-Campaign expect a resurgence of interest in CM-BB.

Get used to organizing your tactics against the AI, there are plenty of threads here if search them out dealing with tactics (see JasonC's posts), then have a go at PBEM against a human player as this will be much more challenging.

Originally posted by timlikesCM:

Yeah I love reading WWII history. Do you have any good suggestions. Is the Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin Strategy Guide any good?


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