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Greetings all, 

Long-time CMBB and CMAK player here. Recently put together a  gaming computer and made CMBS my first purchase. Really impressed with the game and am eager to continue playing. I went out of town for about two weeks and when I got back every time I save the game now the game freezes and Windows tells me that the program is not responding. Before i left the game was working splendidly.


Anyone encountered this or have suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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Did you put the computer to 'sleep' or was it shutdown from the last time it was working ? If it has been put to sleep, then I suggest shutting down CMBS and rebooting the computer and see if it behaves differently attempting to save a game. Is your 'users' folder on the main boot drive or do you have it 'pointing' to another drive (typically done when the boot drive is a small SSD, not a default option in Windows) ? Do you have plenty of free space on your hard drive (especially where the users folder is at) ? The save game files shouldn't be too huge, but they can possibly go over 100MB if it is a large battle with a lot of action occurring.

What security software do you have ? Have you added an exception within it for CMBS (possibly both the game executable, its folder and the folder within your 'Documents' folder for CMBS) ? Is this the same scenario/campaign/quick-battle that you have been playing for awhile (it was working earlier and now will not save) or is this a completely new scenario/campaign/quick-battle ? If this is a game you've been playing awhile, then perhaps start a new one and see if the issue persists in attempting to save the game.

Shutdown any applications or utilities that may be running in the background, especially any large applications that may be taking up quite a bit of memory. You may want to pay attention to what is shut down in case you find something that interferes with CMBS.

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