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It will likely work the same way as in other CM2 games.

To get "mirror match" with different appearances, the units involved have to either have at least one alternate uniform setting (ex. Digital Camo and Standard Camo for the Ukrainians in Black Sea) or you have to make clever use of units that use a different uniform texture (even though unit A and B might look almost identical, they might have different texture files for their models).

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I just checked, the editor in this title doesn't come with a uniform 'appearance' selection like you see in CMBS and others. The uniforms are... well... uniform. Or any differences (on the Syrian side) are purely random. Combatant's have their own textures, fighters have their own textures, Militia, Mech Infantry, Special forces and Airborne each have their own textures. But you can't further subdivide the groups

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