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CMBS Battle Pack


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not at all.  Go to the folder where you installed the game.  You should have an activate new products shortcut.  Hit that and apply the license key you have from BF for the battle pack.  Should come back and note it was successful and when you launch the game you should see a second icon that looks like an explosion on Blue and Yellow UKR background

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6 hours ago, ebphoto said:

So does the program dload the new missions etc or are they already in there and just need to be activated?? Thank you for the help, I appreciate it...



What Ian said :D   The way BF does the games now is they generally maintain the full download as fully patched etc so when you purchase a module you have already downloaded all the material (unless the module has been released since you downloaded the game) and then you activate with the licenses from your purchase.... which makes me think of something else.  When did you last do a full download? I expect before the battle pack.  If that is the case I would DL and run the full installer and the patch as Ian noted.

Login to the store, go to my account, my orders - find your CMBS order (a bit of a pain as none on the order page actually names the product. - it helps if you know when you bought it) run the download and that will bring you the most current version of the game and will include the BP.  Run that and then the patch.  When you launch the game you might just see the BP at that point as you had already run the activation.  I have never tried an activation prior to actually having the module so you may need to run the activation again

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